Resources to support mathematical pedagogy

Revised versions of two ‘minipacks’ from the Interacting with Mathematics series are accessible from the ‘Geometrical Reasoning’ and ‘Proportional Reasoning’ links on the left. The original minipacks, along with a selection of other resources, are available below.

Interacting with Mathematics in Key Stage 3
- Complete set of ‘minipacks’ as one zip file

Improving Teaching and Leaning in Mathematics: Case Studies
- A4 Booklet

Teaching Mental Mathematics from Level 5

- Complete set of booklets as one zip file

Mathematics Study Modules
- Complete set as one zip file

Standards Unit ‘Improving Learning in Mathematics’
- Activity Templates
- Mostly Algebra
- Mostly Number
- Mostly Shape and Space
- Mostly Statistics

Teaching and Learning Functional Mathematics
- A4 Booklet

Misconceptions in Mathematics
- Complete set of booklets as one zip file

Using Interactive Whiteboards in Mathematics
- A4 Booklet

Teaching and Learning in Secondary Schools
- The complete ‘Ped Pack’ as one zip file

What is a Fraction?
- A4 Booklet