What is it?

A unit introducing geometrical visualisations as a tool for developing spatial awareness and geometrical language.
  • There are seven examples of visualisations you can explore and use with pupils.

What does it do?

This unit provides reconstruction exercises that you can include in your lessons, especially as short starter activities. In a reconstruction exercise:
  • Pupils imagine a simple picture of lines or shapes, building up or altering the picture in various ways and noticing features, for example, what changes and what stays the same.
  • This is followed by a whole-class discussion to reconstruct what pupils saw. This reconstruction phase may take longer than the visualisation itself.

Why use it?

This approach will help pupils to:
  • form and manipulate mental images of lines and shapes
  • develop a feel for spatial relationships and generality
  • develop and formalise the language needed to describe what they see.

What do I do now?

You may find these Teacher’s Notes on using visualisations helpful.