Identifying the scaling factor as a single multiplier

The image of line segments helps pupils to see how to combine two operators into a single multiplier as a scaling factor from one number to another. Use tried and tested classroom resources to develop and use this image:
  • Line segments – Teacher notes and resources
What do the resources include?
The resources are available as a zip file line segments.

The resources draw on the image of graduated line segments to support establishing a single multiplier (scaling factor) between any two numbers and identifying the inverse multiplier. The resources available are:
  • Teacher notes providing prompts to develop pupils’ understanding of
    • scaling using a single multiplier supported by a visual image
    • the use of successive scalings and their inverses
  • Resources sheets with line segments examples and blank pairs of line segments.
How will these resources help pupils?
Develop pupils’ thinking about multipliers between two numbers by using the line segments image to show the single multiplier. As well as giving a context to highlight inverse multipliers, this will also clarify what constitutes the ‘original’ and hence the scaling operation required.

Example of line segments image:

Line segments